Easy Spell to Cleanse the Aura

This is an easy spell and it does no and require any difficult knowledge. It may be used to cleanse the aura of a person, for good luck or to be protected.

To cleanse your aura

For this movement of energy we don’t need any specific moon phase. You need a bit more than a one-meter-long black thread from and a flame of fire.

You have to roll 50 centimeters of the black thread in each hand, leaving the rest between both hands.

Separate the hands until the thread is taut, without any excessive force. The person should be sat and you have to move your hands over their head three times.

Repeat the same movement to the right side and to the front. We could also use this same technique with the person lying down, moving the thread up and down over their body for about four inches (10 centimeters), while we see how we eliminate the negative vibes this person has.

Once you finish this, burn the thread in a flame of fire or cut it with the flame of a white candle.

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